About US

STUDY ARABIA (Powered by Imperial Educational Services) is the study abroad arm of IES with a focus on Arabian countries. With numerous partner universities in various countries with Arabic cultures and/or language, we remain the premier study-abroad company in Nigeria.

Most Popular Countries

Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is a country with Arabic roots and culture. Malaysia also has a very reputable educational system, with Malaysian schools constantly being top-ranked in the region. Read More

Study Arabia

Saudi-Arabia is the focal point of the Arabic world. The country has an Excellent and well-funded educational system. Saudi-Arabian schools are known especially for their high standards. Read More.

Study Arabia

The Emirates are a well known tourist destination. The Emirates also have an amazing educational system. The most popular of the Emirate countries is Dubai. There are ultra-modern Universities in Emirates. Read more


Study Abroad

Study Abroad

We provide study abroad services, which include finding clients a suitable school, giving our clients admission counselling. We are committed to helping our clients advance as far, academically, as they are willing to.

Immigration Counselling

Immigration Counselling

It is our duty to make sure we give our clients as much counselling on immigration matters as they need. We work with qualified professionals, with years of immigration experience. Read more

Register for exams

Exam Registrations

We help our Clients to register for Exams required to gain admissions into Universities. Some universities require success in English proficiency exams, among other exams.

Short Term Training

Short-Term Training

We offer Short term training in conjunction with our partner universities. Contact us to find out available short-term certificated courses.

Learn Arabic

Language Courses

This is for our clients who Want to learn the Arabic language, we also offer an avenue for you to learn the language and practice in Arabic countries.

School Exhibitions

School Exhibitions

We  provide an avenue for our partner schools to meet with prospective students. We organize school exhibitions and fairs with the intention of bridging the gap between educators and students.